Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Since retiring my style has gone from work casual to stay-at-home mom casual. I used to wear dresses and slacks 4-5 days a week, now I want comfort and having moved to New Hampshire from New Mexico, I am all about being warm, with fall and winter coming soon. Red is my new favorite color for this year.

1. I am in love with PEACOATS. I love this soft gray, but....
....this flashy red is cute too.
2. Next is this cute 2 tone infinity scarf. My neck is forever cold.
3. This cute fall vest would be a nice addition too. Red or green?

4. I also found this cute crossover sweater.
5. The RED hoodie would be comfy, cute and warm.
6. This snow flake sweater is too cute.
7. I love this large brown leather purse. I'm only showing the model so you can see the size.
8. Doesn't everyone need a pair of boot socks.
9. I also want a cute pair of utility boots.
10. Finally, I LOVE MULES, no matter the season.
So, what is on your FASHION WISHLIST?

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