Tuesday, July 14, 2020


The last time I posted was October 2019.

It seems like a lifetime ago! 

I don't even know where to start. 

My kids were each having their best years yet. Andrew started kindergarten and loved every day. Samuel really connected with his 5th-grade teacher and we tried out a new medication and although he didn't love it, he was doing better and the days were easier. 

Samuel also had his healthiest year yet. He has asthma and allergies and we've gone through a lot since he was little (very LONG story). Along with growing bigger and his airways enlarging, we've finally found preventative medications that kept him symptom-free the entire year. We've even stopped going to his asthma specialist and the primary care doctor has taken over that care too.

I started a part-time job driving the seniors around to their appointments. We were set to pay off two loans, buy a new car (I have a 2003 Honda that has more things wrong with it than right.), had tons of home projects planned and Andrew would be going to summer camp for the first time. 


 ....and everything fell apart...

 ....I guess not everything...

1. We are healthy.
2. Family in other hot spot states are healthy.
3. My husband kept his job.
4. I have my retirement income coming in.
5. Spring and Summer are here, so we are not trapped inside.
6. My church continued to broadcast online and we could even meet outside.
7. We never ran out of TOILET PAPER.
8. Teachers did an amazing job through the rest of the school year.
9. We saved money (thank you stimulus plan) and even paid off one loan.
10. The sun continues to come up every day.

But....uncertainty....frustration....anger....fear....anxiety....sadness....are all emotions that I feel a lot more these days.

With so much confusion and uncertainty, what DO I know?

I know that teachers are being put at risk. I know that kids are being put at risk. I know that our elderly are at risk. I know that teachers are doing the best they can. I know that people without an immune system are at risk. I know that we don't know enough about this virus. I know that kids are resilient. I know that kids are more emotional. I know that socializing is important. I know that I am not made to home school. I know that working from home and homeschooling, at the same time, is very hard. I know that what we did the last 3-4 months of school was not homeschooling.  I know that some kids need extra help. I know that parents need to work. I know that being a single parent makes this doubly hard. I know that some parents CAN'T work from home. I know that the country is in debt up to its eyeballs. I know that normal is relative. I know that many people are dying. I know that people are scared. I know this is a giant puzzle and we don't have the picture of the puzzle or even all the pieces to complete it. I know that the truth is somewhere in the middle of all the minutiae of information we have been given. I know that some people are being reckless.

And absolutely the best thing that I know...GOD is in charge and is in control. We WILL get through this and in 20 years we will look back on this and be stronger for it.


Wednesday, October 9, 2019


We had a very busy and fun summer. I haven't posted since June! We went on a lot of day trips with the kids (Sant's Village, hiking, train rides, Boston etc.), but many of the pictures didn't make it to this post.
Sam is so courageous! He loves the river and jumps in any chance he gets.

In January Mom passed away at the age of 95, but we had her Celebration of Life in July, so that everyone could attend.
 Mom would have loved it. All the siblings, all the husbands and wives....
 ....most of the grandchildren....
and 7 of the great-grandchildren came to honor our parents.
Cousins and friends also came. We even had a circus tent! There were tears, but laughing abounded and fun times were had by all.
Our BIG project his year was to get a new roof on the house. It was past due!!!
We had a fun night at NATIONAL NIGHT OUT!
The Bubble Pit is always our favorite.

The entire community comes out!

No baths tonight!
These guys started 5th grade and Kindergarten! OMG!
This guy turned 6!!!!
We added 2 new pets to our home. Meet Pirana and Bubbles the goldfish.
Sam is playing soccer this year.
We added a wider driveway to the family home that I grew up in. My siblings and I still own this and we rent to out on AirBnB.

All in all the last few months have been amazing!
Welcome to fall everyone!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Tuesday, June 18, 2019


We have our own local fun spot, CLARK'S TRADING POST!
The best loved black bears on the planet. They are raised from cubs and live much longer than those in the wild.
They are only open from Memorial Day to Labor Day.
Old time photos.
Segway rides.
Climbing wall.
Water slide.
Bumper boats.