Thursday, November 2, 2017


 Leaves are starting to change color.
 My sister, Genie, came to visit from Albuquerque
 My son, Sam, tried a fried bologna sandwich....
 and....loved it!
 We played in the leaves a lot.

 We garage was winterized.
 The entryway got new flooring.
 The mudroom got new flooring.
 We made this!
 Our bathroom was remodeled.
 We carved pumpkins.
 For Halloween we had about 400 Trick-or-Treaters.
We had a sad ending, when our cat, Jynx went to Heaven.

Friday, October 27, 2017


So our upstairs bathroom started like this in July....
....then I pulled off the flowered wallpaper on top and the striped wallpaper below the chair rail.
Then we gutted everything and....
...pulled up the floor.....
This lovely tar-paper was on top of the old wood.
See the old copper pipes in the corner....they are all pitted and had to be replaced too.
We found these old nails from when the house was first build in 1930.
I'm going to frame these nails and put them up in the bathroom. Can't wait to see the questions/comments we get from that wall decoration.
Here is the original floor in the bathroom compared to our hallway, which is lighter.
Then we found some of the boards around the toilet were totally rotten.
Here is why....a VERY LARGE CRACK in the toilet pipe?! YIKES!
New plywood goes down.
New vinyl is installed!

They then put in the vanity and lights....but see that hole? The old vanity top was much lower and the new one covered the outlet, so the outlet had to be moved up.
Here are the pretty pipes that replaced the old copper ones.
INTRODUCING....Our lovely bathroom. The mirror we picked out originally from Home Depot ($109) was too big so we took it back and found this at WalMart for $20.00. So, we picked up a second one for our first floor bathroom.
The walls are pretty blank but very bright. We decided just to stick with white above and below the chair rail for now. We also need to install the ceiling light, an outlet cover and a towel bar, but we are so, so happy with the results.

Sunday, October 22, 2017


With the new vinyl flooring in, our mudroom is now back in order. We still have to paint the paneling and hang a few more hooks, but now it is wonderfully functional.
 This door exits to the dog run.
 We have a freezer and a coat rack on this side and this door goes into the playroom.
Our cat box is also in here. We want to hang skis on the wall and mount hooks on them.

Saturday, October 21, 2017


We have a "senior citizen" garage. It doesn't even have a foundation or footers. We will eventually tear it all down and build a new one, but the estimates ranged anywhere from $17,000 to $36,000. Wanting to put our money into the updates in the house (2 bathrooms and a kitchen) we decided to make do with the garage. So we are gave it a little facelift to last a few more winters until we can save the money to redo it.
My husband got the moss off the top and cut back a lot of trees.
Then we had a roofing company fix the holes in the top and take off the rotting shingles on the sides.
Now it looks like this.

She's not all that pretty, but we'll make do....It's on life support for the near future....the house was more important!


Our entryway now has new flooring to go with the pretty new door.

We still have to take off the wallpaper and paint but it's almost there.