Wednesday, September 14, 2016


I have two tattoos. Actually there are three, but #1 and #2 are combined. It's kind of hard to show you, but the blue lizard was for my son, Samuel. It says, "Mi Amor," which is "my love," in Spanish and it says, "1 Samuel 1:27," which is the Bible reference for, "We asked for a child and you answered our prayers."
 The second half of it was added in 5 years later when we had our son, Andrew.
It says his name. We adopted them, so they grew in our hearts, not my stomach.
It wraps around my lower leg.
The third one I got is a Jesus fish on my wrist.

I would love to get more, but my husband is not for it. We'll see..... are some others I would like to get.

1. I love the dandelion where the seeds turn into a bird, symbolizing we will meet again in a better place.
2. I like this one that says, "this too shall pass." Mom was always saying this and it is so true.
3. I also love lilacs.
4. I love the look of the lace maybe for my arm, so it peaks below a sleeve.
5. This one is gorgeous. I love the beauty of it going up the back.
6. This means, "God is greater than the ups and down."
7. I've heard it's pretty painful to get one on your foot, but I love the placement with this verse.
8. This would be for my Dad. He was a Retired Chief Petty Officer in the Navy.
9. So simple, but I love it.
10. This would be for my husband, Richard.
What do you think?

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