Monday, September 12, 2016


Since retiring I've had more time to pursue my passions. I have a 7 year old in second grade and a 3 year old at home with me, so my time is limited (nap time/after they go to bed), but I have found ways to fit them in.

1. Garden/Work outside: I get great satisfaction from seeing a garden cleared, a flowerbed planted, and using giant loppers or a weed-wacker. It's great exercise too. I usually do this after Sam goes to school. I take my 3 year old, Andrew, out with me. He loves to play in the dirt and explore. We are usually outside for a good 2 hours, before we both are in need of a break and covered in dirt.
2. Go for walks: Sam will sometimes come on his bike, but this is usually just Andrew and I. It's not necessarily a fast walk (unless he goes in the stroller), but it's a lot of fun, I get to socialize a little and Andrew loves to explore.

3. Shop: Doesn't everyone?! I love to yard sale and bargain hunt the most. Forget brand names....I get excited knowing I found something great for next to nothing prices. I'm excited to do it more now that I live closer to my sister, Karen, that loves it too.

The rest of my passions are things I do when the kids are sleeping.

4. Bible Journaling: I started this a couple years back. I am now doing a Bible for each of my boys. It draws me closer to God and helps me internalize the word even more. Plus it's "artsy" and I love that.
5. DIY/Crafts: I am addicted to Pinterest, where I find most of my ideas. I'd love to have a little shop one day, where I could sell the stuff I make. Right now I am a little limited in what I produce, since I don't have a craft room or anywhere to store things. I love making people gifts and I'm also making things to sell at a craft fair in December.
6. Zentangle: This is a great way to doodle and actually have it look beautiful, especially if your not a great drawer, like me.
7. Organize: I must say I am good at this. I've never been a pack rat and I love organizing my own home. Then a few years ago I helped a teacher, who is a pack rat, purge a room where she had all her stuff (teachers are notorious for hoarding), plus the things she had inherited from the last teacher who had her classroom. In 3 days we got rid of 8 bags of garbage, multiple pieces of furniture, rearranged the room for better flow and took a flat bed full of things she didn't need to the lounge 5 times. I had so much fun. Then we moved across the country this year and I purged and then packed 100 boxes. We are living in my childhood home and I have enjoyed organizing and purging this place too. In October I'm going to spend a day at my sisters helping her with all her closets. I would love to turn this into a business. Andrew has 3 years before he starts school and then I could do it full time.
8. X-stitch: Mom taught me to do this when I was about 12 years old and I love it. I give a lot of my pieces away as gifts, but I've also made my kids their own Christmas stockings too. They take a long time to do well and I usually do this in the winter months and in the evenings when I'm watching t.v.

9. Read: I devour BOOKS at a rate of about 60 a year. I usually do this for about an hour before I fall asleep at night. My favorite genre is historical and religious fiction.

10. Pinterest: I use it to do all the other things I enjoy. I get landscaping ideas, Bible Journaling templates, Zentangle patterns, organizing hints and even wardrobe, decorating and recipes. It's amazing.

11. Writing: I've kept a journal since I was 13 years old. I write more when I am going through hard times in my life. I love to write fiction too, but it's just for me. In recent years I haven't spent as much time on this one as I used to. I've started BLOGGING again more though. I thought I wanted to be a writing for a long time, but now it's just a hobby.

I never thought I would be this busy after I retired!

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