Sunday, July 31, 2016


I left off in part 3 on June 30 with our stuff leaving Albuquerque. Well, it didn't....until July 6th. We were the last drop off and it arrived on July 12th at 8 a.m. Our 13th anniversary!
We have a lot of visitors coming to our family home this summer, so the only things we are unloading at the house are toys, bikes, clothes and a few personal things. Then the rest is being placed in storage for a few months until all the company leaves, when it will then come back to the house to be stored in extra bedrooms.

So, after the few items were unloaded at the house, the driver followed me to the storage place. It was only 10 minutes away.

Now, I was told by the storage facility owner that because of a low bridge we couldn't go the short way. I would need to go down to the next exit on the highway and bring him back that way. Probably 20 minutes tops.

We got off the exit, but I realize way too late that I had turned the wrong way. Yes, I lived here for the first 22 years of my life, but I didn't have a car nor travel from home by myself so this road, just one exit away, was not known to me.

To make a long story short, we. my CRV and the truck pictured above, end up on a one lane, dirt, logging road, that is only meant for campers with 4 wheel drive. I was nearly in tears. With no way to turn around we were forced to spend the next hour and a half making our way on this track. At times the road was rutted, rugged, and steep.

We stopped a few times to talk and to check my navi, that I finally turned on, but because I was almost in tears, the driver was very patient with me. At some points I lost cell service so I couldn't even get through to people to help me find my way off this road.

I finally got ahold of the storage unit owner, Doug, who was amazing. He figured out where I was, and where I needed to go and FINALLY got me on the highway again and headed north back to the storage facility.

What a disaster!!! My husband met us at the storage place and waited while everything was unloaded and I took the kids home. I was a frazzled mess!

Thank God it is finally done. Through all our hassles with ALLIED we are getting $500 back. Their customer service is horrible and I would NOT recommend them to anyone.

They wouldn't even honor a reimbursement for a plastic bin full of books that was delivered smashed and completely empty. They said they got it that way. Really?! You would accept a smashed container! I don't think so.


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