Thursday, June 30, 2016


The night of June 9th we got the cars unpacked, the cats and their litter box settled, the boy's rooms organized and groceries bought. It was windy and cold when we first arrived, so although I lived in this house for 22 years, I had no idea on how to turn the heat on. I called my sister, Karen, and that is the first question I asked her. She laughed.

Over the next couple days we figured out where the post office was, found the closest Super WalMart in Plymouth, 37 miles away, went to Sam's happy place....this amazing candy store, called CHUTTERS, found the playground, and went to a BBQ at my sisters to visit my Mom.

Our belongings were due from the moving company by June 14. We waited. We came up with a very long TO DO list and waited. On June 14, still no call about our moving truck. We called know that nation wide company.....THEY HADN'T LEFT ALBUQUERQUE YET!  Their excuse....they didn't have a driver...ARE YOU KIDDING ME! You are a national company, right? You have more than one driver, right? GGGGRRR!

Come to find out, when they picked up our stuff at our house in New Mexico, they knew they didn't have a driver and still told us they would arrive between June 7th and June 14th and never mentioned the fact that they didn't have a driver and NEVER called us over the preceding 2 weeks.

We called again on June 16, (...are you noticing that we are making all the calls to find out about our stuff and NO ONE from ALLIED is calling us...) this time we talked to a different person, and we were told that they now had a driver and our belongings would be picked up on June 19, Father's Day, and would arrive on or before June 30.

We called on June 20, now speaking to PERSON #3, and were told that the truck that was coming from Texas had an accident and the top of the truck got sheared off. We complained and told them that their contract said our things would be delivered between June 7th and 14th. We only brought with us 2 weeks worth of summer clothes and my husband explained that he couldn't go on job interviews because he was waiting on his dress clothes. They offered us $300. The next day we called to inform them about the $125 we paid to rent a storage unit that has been sitting idle since May 26th. We asked them to cover this expense too and they said the $300 should cover that. We had paid them $6000! Oh, and of course, they had already charged our credit card.

We called on June 21, 22 and 23 getting different people every time and being told by one of them that this was the first time SHE was hearing about our problems. We told her we really didn't care and that we were extremely DISSATISFIED! We were then told our stuff would be picked up over the coming weekend.

We then called on Monday, June 27, speaking to person #6. You guessed it, another issue. The truck they were going to use over the weekend had mechanical problems. We reminded them again about THEIR contracted dates of delivery and that we had paid $125 for a storage unit out here that has been sitting empty. We also explained that now our stuff is close to a month late. They upped what they are willing to give us to $500.

It is now June 30 (the second deadline date for our stuff) and they are finally loading our things and SHOULD leave tomorrow. We do not, however, have a delivery date.

I will keep you up to date and upload pictures once we get our computer hooked up.

Keep us in your prayers!

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