Sunday, July 31, 2016


Now that I have access to my computer I can finally update all my summer pictures.
It starts with our move and sleeping in a lot of hotels. Sam and Andrew loved it!
They love the hotel pools.
Then we stopped in Tennessee for 3 days and visited with cousins.
We had fun on the lake.
Finally we got to New Hampshire and sam Grandma and a my brother, Kurt, his wife Joan and sister, Karen. 
It was freezing when we got here, but we still made it out to the park.
And went for walks in the woods.
More swimming.
More sun at the park. It's getting warmer.
Being funny with Nana.
Having fun with cousins.
Playing at the river.
We love our cousins.
We got to sit in the town fire trucks.
Field Day fun!
Climbing on rocks.
Then all the relatives came.
There was a lot of card playing.
Look at all those shoes.
Playing at the river.
My lovely sister, Karen.
My brother, John, was the grill master. We had 19 for dinner one night.
We had fun at the bon fire too.
Four siblings.
Sam lost another tooth.
And we are having fun getting very dirty!!!!!

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