Friday, June 24, 2016


Day 3...June 4...My sister-in-law and her family and Richard's mom live in Nashville, Tennessee. So, we only had a few hours to drive. We took over their bottom floor. We had our own little apartment to spread out in. That afternoon we went to their in-laws pool where Sam got to swim with his cousins. It was gorgeous.

Day 4...June 5....They took us out on a boat on a lake and the kids were pulled behind on a float. Sam had a ball! The water was too cold for me, but Richard took Andrew in the water and he loved it. We had great food and family fun.

Day 5...June 6...Sam got to go with his cousins and their "manny," (nanny that is a man) Jake, to a bouncy place, swimming at a pool and Burger King. Richard and his mom had time together with Andrew while I took some much needed "me" time to change our reservations, so we were traveling less time each day, and my sister-in-law and I got a pedicure. I also replacked our bags and did laundry.

The cats loved being in one place for 3 days and not in a car!

Some people said we should take our time and go fun places with the kids, but with the cats, I just wanted to get to NH....and we still had 3 more days to go. As we told others, this is our move not a vacation. Plus I wanted to get to NH quickly, hopefully so we could beat our moving truck (little did I know.....just you wait to hear that part....Ugghhh).

Day 6...June 7...We all piled back in the cars and drove another 6-8 hours to Grove City, Ohio. Exhausted!

Day 7...June 8....We all piled back in the cars and drove another 6-8 hours to Verona, NY. Exhausted!

Day 8...June 9...We all piled back in the cars and drove the last 6 hours to Lincoln, NH. It's interesting that Richard and I were within 3 miles of each other the entire trip, but after we stopped in Vermont for lunch, we lost each other on one of those "roundabouts" and Richard approached our final destination from the south on I-93 and I came west from Vermont on 91.


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