Thursday, June 23, 2016


Where do I begin? I can't show you any pictures because I don't know how to download DROPBOX pictures to my IPad and we don't have our computer yet (Wait until you hear why!!!). You'll just have to imagine it.....

We moved into a hotel (La friendly) on May 30 after packing up the last of our boxes. The hotel room was very small. Even though I am a very organized person, I didn't think through well the bag situation. With one bag for each of us, and the litter box and cat carriers, it made for very tight quarters. I repacked the bags with the number of outfits we needed and even took one pile of stuff (extra shoes, my journaling stuff, coats etc) back to the house to add to the other boxes.

I felt very calm up to this point, but all the changes finally hit me and I had a panic attack. 

The movers came on May 31 and packed up our house. WENT OFF WITHOUT A HITCH! We closed on the house on June 1st and actually got more then we expected. SMILE! 

We left Albuquerque on June 2nd....Two adults, two kids and two cats in two cars. 

Day 1.....June 2nd....first stop was Oklahoma City. I used the site FURKOT to plan the trip. If it had just been Richard and I we could have driven 12 hours a day, but with the kids and cats, I figured 8 hours would be good.....but with bathroom and eating breaks and our butts falling asleep, even that was too much. It ended up being more like 10 hours. Andrew (2 1/2 years old) was not used to long car rides and started saying, "Done, Mom," after the first hour. The cats were not happy either. Luckily Andrew slept a lot and I didn't have the "talker" cat. By the time we got checked in and got a quick bite to eat, we all fell into bed exhausted.

Day 2....June 3rd....second stop was Memphis, Tennessee. I was hoping to get on the road by 8:00, since we are early risers, but with breakfast and packing and gassing up car, we didn't get on the highway until 9:00. Another 8....turning into 10 hour day....butts and legs sore. Check in. Much nicer room! Quick bite to eat.....go to bed. 


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