Sunday, June 9, 2013

CALIFORNIA 2013...part #2

Read about part 1 of our trip first.

On Wednesday we went to Sea World.

Here is a close up of Sam's "tattoo."

Enjoy the show....

Here is Richard bravely scaling the rope bridge with Sam on his back.

Here we are on the spinning cups.....

...and Sam on the bounce matt.

Then we were off to the dolphin show...

We had a very long day and Sam napped on our way back in the car.

Then we went to dinner where....don't ask me contact got stuck on the inside of my eyelid and I couldn't get it out until the next all worked out ok though.

On Thursday we went to....

We got to see a lot of amazing places White House.....

....the Statue of Liberty....

....and Mt. Rushmore.

For you Star Wars fans.....Richard bravely fought off Darth Mal....

They eventually became friends.

"Do or do not there is no try."

After a lot of anxiety we even got Sam to try a roller coaster and a pirate ride, both which he initially did not want to do, but ended up LOVING!

Sam loved playing on the music machine that made water appear.

Sam and Daddy went for a boat ride.

Then a car ride and a helicopter ride with Mommy.

At the end of the day....this is what happened on our car ride back to the "ho-in-tell."

Then Richard and I got an evening out for ourselves (EXTREMELY RARE!) while Sam stayed at Grandpa Don's. The picture of us didn't come out very good, but the view was amazing!

This is the view from our table.

This shows the drop off from the restaruant.

Sam spent the evening at Pa-Pa Don's......eating chicken nuggets....

 .....and reading books.

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