Friday, July 27, 2012


The other day I asked you why I was sharing photos of my home town in New Hampshire?

Well, after much soul searching and an emotional 6 months we've decided that once I have my 25 years with Albuquerque Public Schools, which will be in 2015, we are moving back to New England.

In New Hampshire live my mom, two sisters and two nieces, one that has three boys around Sam's age. In Maine I have a cousin, and in New Jersey I have a nephew with two little girls around Sam's age too.

Also living in the east (Tennessee) are my mother-in-law, a sister-in-law and her family and in North Carolina is a brother and his wife.

I also still keep in touch with many friends from high school who live in the area.

We will probably stay in my home town of Lincoln, New Hampshire for the first year, just so we can get settled, learn the area better and figure out where exactly we want to live, but I am guessing it will be somewhere around southern New Hampshire, eastern Vermont or northern Massachusetts. My home town is a little too far north, gets TONS of snow and is too far away from the other relatives.

We want Sam to have a small town atmosphere to grow up in and to be around more relatives. I also miss the green and the beautiful foliage in the fall.

So, I know it is a long way off, but we are starting to save and plan now. One of our big decisions is not to put any more money (then necessary) into this house and start saving every nickle and dime.

It's also time to see if this is God's plan for my life. I hope He shows me clearly if this is the right path. I need a lot of guidance on this one.

If there is anybody else out there that has made a giant move, I'd love some advice.


happymomof2 said...

WOW!!! That is AWESOME!! I'm so excited for you all:)

Kris said...

We made the decision to move AWAY from family when we first got married. Definitely the best decision we made. However, I'm very ready to be closer (although not too 2 hrs away would be perfect for me as I'd be away from the drama of it all! LOL!). Giving yourself time to plan it out is an excellent plan...and being closer to your family is always excellent. I would love for my girls to be by their cousins...but that is just not where God has us moving right now.

Very exciting for you guys!!!

Kris said...

We made the decision to move AWAY from family when we first got married. It was the BEST decision we ever made. However, I am at the point I'd love to have my girls closer to their cousins.

Giving yourself time to plan and prepare is excellent!!! I don't think you'll regret it at all! Well, maybe you will that first winter when its ridiculously cold and you're not used to it! LOL!!!

Juli said...


I also made the decision to move home when my son was five months old... and then came Youngest... and here I am, still here.

Something about them actually KNOWING their cousins, grandparents, aunts, and such, ya know? It's awesome... You will never regret it.