Thursday, July 26, 2012


Since the tragedy in Aurora, Colorado I've seen posts both against little kids in movie theaters and for little kids in movie theaters.

I tend to be overly conservative on the issue.

1. If the movie is rated beyond their age I do not think they should attend, no matter if they are a baby sleeping through it or not.

2. Parents do need to be sensitive to others and if their child is being disruptive or crying then they need to leave the theater.

3. I do think the noise level in most movies is super loud and it is not good for little ears.

4. Young children have no business being out anywhere at midnight.

5. There is no amount of covering your child that will totally protect them from the germs, flashy lights and noise. Why expose them to something that isn't necessary? I know some of you will say that germs, loud noises and flashy lights are everywhere, but if I know I can limit it, at least a little, I will. 

6.  As my Dad used to say, "Trouble always happens after dark." I have to side with him in this area. I do not know the statistics on this, but I would guess that most crimes happen after dark. If at all possible we are home before 8 p.m. (at the latest) and just because we may want to see a movie, go out dancing, or take in the theater, we don't need to expose our child to adult things earlier then necessary.

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