Friday, May 11, 2012


I am trying to be a more positive person. So I'm starting a record of my many blessings.

1. Hot showers.

2. Four solid nights sleep this week of 8 hours in a row.

3. My husband for keeping Sam quiet, so Mommy could have just a little longer in bed.

4. Pedicures, lotion, warm towels and pink relaxing.

5. Kisses from a 3 year old.

6. Kisses from a 43 year old.

7. A cool glass of iced tea.

8. Supportive coworkers.

9. A strong child with no major health issues.

10. A day where students do their work and I don't get cursed out.

11. Finding a reliable handyman.

12. Great sleeping weather.

13. My little boy saying, "Mommy, take a picture of me and put it on the bog."

14. A husband who makes me laugh.

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