Friday, May 11, 2012


There are only 2 weeks left of school, but we can't let on, to the students, that me know this, even though they know this and mention it every day.

When describing this year of teaching, challenging is an UNDERSTATEMENT!

After teaching at an elementary school for 21 years, I left the only place I had ever taught at with mixed feelings. For a number of reasons, I decided it was time to move on.

I got hired at a middle school, packed up my old room and moved into my new room.

Before the year started, I felt like I could concur the world.

By September I was feeling F*%$ed OVER.


I know think my old school (with the "older" administration) was a beautiful dream. I loved my coworkers, the administration (Jack, Bernadette, Rick etc....) and the kids. I just didn't appreciate what I had until I lost it ( between the line...).

Don't get me wrong, the people here are nice, but they do not have the mushy feelings for kids that elementary teachers have....and honestly if they did....they would get EATEN ALIVE! The administration here is good too. They are very supportive, complimentary (I've been asked to stay a number of times.), and helpful with anything I ask.

You would think that having the parents be nonexistent and staying out of my hair, so that I can teach, would be nice, but in actuality, their behavior and lack of involvement in parenting makes my job 10 times harder.

Then there are the kids! Where do I start....

* some just don't care, no matter what you do.
* some want to do well, but don't know where to start.
* the language that comes out their mouths totally shocks me.
* some feel they have no options and can't change.
* some will be ok no matter what
* some are very naive and the bigger fish make their lives miserable.
* some have all the advantages, but are not being challenged.
* some are 14 going on 25.
* their personalities are taken over by their horrible attitudes.
* some need a good spanking.
* some have their futures written all over their faces.
* for's too late....

With struggles and challenges come many opportunities to learn and I have learned a lot this year.

...a new math program to create a yearbook
...I am stronger then I thought I was
...6th graders are still little babies
...class size really matters
...a supportive and understanding administration makes all the difference and white rules are necessary not argue with a middle schooler can't save them all, but you can save a few
...don't take problems home with you
...middle schoolers can smell fear
...being prepared and organized is key
...have a positive attitude
...don't leave anything out in the open that you don't want stolen
...take time to eat lunch
...consistency and boundaries make life much easier's ok to ask for help
...pick your battles's ok that they don't like me's realities make school a real struggle for some of them and it has nothing to do with me
...all I can do is try my best
...keep things simple
...pray a lot

How do I feel now? I am still hoping to get out of Dodge and back to my 5th grade babies, but I am being pickier this time. I want something small and close to home. Of the 89 elementary schools in Albuquerque I have cut the list down to 26 schools that I am willing to consider. The problem is there has to be an opening at one of those schools first. Then the principal lists the job opening on the APS website, but usually they already have someone in mind for the position when they do that.  If I do get something at one of those schools it will probably be last minute (like right before the school year starts).

So....what I'm trying to say is.....I'll be O.K. either way....God is great and He will have it all work our for good.

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Jeremy Bates said...

As a fellow teacher, I empathize with you and feel your pain. I have noticed in my varied travels that students outside of America are more inclined to study harder and, what is more, be more appreciative of a fine education.

Things always seem to work out. I miss some of my old schools but I am pleased for now. You will be as well.

Challenge yourself to make those kids want to care! What a reward it will be for all concerned.