Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Our new governor, Susanna Martinez (not pictured above) and Education Secretary-designate, Hanna Skandera (not pictured above, either) have decided that, at least, 50% of teacher pay should be based on standardized test results.

Alyssa Agranat, who is a National Board Certified Teacher who holds a master's degree and teaches in the Albuquerque Public Schools, wrote a great article in the SANTA FE NEW MEXICAN about this.

She says, "Aside from the expense, it is ridiculous to expect that a child's ability in physical education or drama can be measured by a pencil-and-paper test. Yet, every child will take a high-stakes test in every subject, every year."

How would you like it if 50% of your pay were based on a test that your employees had to take. What if they recently had a death in the family? What if it was a test on, say the electrical wiring of a house, and they worked on a dairy farm? What if they were sick that day? What if they didn't like you and wanted you to receive less pay? NOW DO YOU THINK IT'S FAIR!?

Governor Martinez brought this before our legislature (our elected representatives), who saw major problems with this plan, and they voted it down, BUT she is going ahead with it anyway.

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birthmothertalks said...

That is a horrible way to treat teachers. I could see some mean kids asnwering all wrong to be funny. Also, I can see a lot of fudging on the numbers if possible to prevent from losing income.