Thursday, April 19, 2012


NO, I AM NOT yet, but I've been teaching now for 22 years and I've often thought about (especially on really tough days) what else I would do if I did quit.

My first thought was to own a bed and breakfast.

It would be lovely to own a place like the ROSEMARY HOUSE. The grounds are so lush. Sitting on this porch enjoying a lemonade and reading a good book...ahhhh.

I love the porch on the SUGARBUSH BED AND BREAKFAST too. It would be so enjoyable to relax with my morning coffee here.

It would be fun to have guests appreciate a stay in a room like this, at the J. PATRICK HOUSE.

Then I realized that the grounds, porch and rooms didn't get this lovely without a lot of hard work. So I'd need a great grounds keeper, maid and cook too so that I could just manage the place.

My other idea was to own a bookstore.

It would need to be small and cozy, with soft lighting and a coffee bar.

There would be comfortable seating areas and of course a great children's section.

A cat or dog would make the place feel homey too.

I'd need a great location and plenty of money so that I wouldn't have to worry about the bigger bookstores running me out of business. I miss these kinds of places.

It's fun to dream.

What would you do if you could quit your day job?

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happymomof2 said...

I miss the small family friendly independent bookstores!!! We had an awesome family bookstore in our town and one of the big chains came in and bought them out and the stores were never the same- and last year they went under!
It's nice to dream!!!