Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Recently I read a post at TO LOVE HONOR AND VACUUM entitled, ARE WE LOSING THE ABILITY TO THINK? I totally agree with her!

I teach 5th grade and I am continually disappointed by what these kids come in NOT knowing and scared for their futures. (NOTE: She had a link to the 8th GRADE FINAL EXAM FROM 1931. I don't I could pass this test either.) I am troubled by what parents don't do with and for their children. They give birth to their children, but don't want to do the work it takes to give them what they need for their futures. We have students that come into kindergarden having NO IDEA what a book is, never having held a pencil or crayon and feeling they can run the show because they run the show at home.

I am coming from the perspective of a 20 year teacher and what I see is missig on a daily basis. I don't have all the answers either, but I do have some ideas:

1. Children need to be read to and with.
2. Talk to your child.
3. Play with your child
4. Turn off your cell phone and IPod and give your child your undivided attention
5. Have a like predictability and structure: when is meal times and bed time
6. Sing to your child.
7. Keep up with shots and doctor checkups
8. Take your child to the park, zoo, fire station, museaum, the woods, community pool
9. Get them involved with household activities and chores: cooking, raking leaves, laundry, taking out the trash, dusting etc.
10. Feed your child healthy meals and snacks and limit their exposure to sugar and soda.
11. Teach them how to say, "Please," and "Thank You."
12. Teach your child "delayed gratification."
13. Praise and compliment your child.
14. Don't assume your child will never tell a lie or do anything wrong....because they will.
15. Set limits
16. Be consistant
17. Allow your child to receive natural consequences for their actions.
18. Attend conferences at your child's school
19. Show your child that their education is important
20.  Don't lie
21. Try not to change schools mid-year.
22. Have your child's teacher/school on speed dial.

I know there is a lot more to being a parent then what I have listed, but if parents were doing the things listed above, my job would be a lot easier.


Willy's Auntie said...

As a fellow teacher, AMEN!

sarah7181 said...

ITA with you. Great list..

birthmothertalks said...

Wow! You really do have your hands full? I have a question for you. If a child has a learning disability do you believe in them using multiplication charts, calculators and number charts to do their math?
My son without all the help (helping devices) scores much lower than grade level in reading and math and they are sending him on into middle school? Do you believe he can catch up when his skills are that of a much younger student?
We do work with him and try very hard. He sits and does about 2 hours of homework every night.

RB said...

Amen Tracey! Been teaching 6th grade for 11 yrs. Our school (in CA) provides FREE breakfast, lunch, childcare until 6 pm, 2000 hrs for outside tutoring such as Sylvan, and now if you can't seem to get your kid to school on the regular school days, we offer Saturday school! Are you kidding me???? Ugh!