Thursday, January 27, 2011



I will admit....I have a lot! I did a search I found these two sites....
PET PEEVES, à la Carte
and GET ANNOYED and I agree with many of, I will stick to the top 5....

5. When someone makes a decision and just expects that others will go along with the plan when they haven't been asked nor involved in the process and then they are shocked and annoyed then others won't happily comply to all their demands.

4. Help desks that keep sending you to another help desk or ask you to "press 1", "press 7", "press 4" and you never get to, actually, talk to a human.

3. Improper use of words, like: "our" and "are," or "your" and "you're," or improper English, like: "I be going to the store." or "I sawl the dog walking down the street." or "She axed me a question."

2. Things not being put away in the "proper" (according to me) spot and then when I look for the object, it's not there.

1. People being late. I do understand "things happen," but when it happens ALL the time, I see it as just plain rudeness. Why is my time any less important then yours? I managed to get here on time....why can't you? You expect me to be here on time and I would be chastised if I wasn't, so why don't the same rules apply in reverse. No, I don't accept your apology, because it ALWAYS happens!

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