Thursday, July 15, 2010

VEGAS part 2

First you need to read part 1 from yesterday....

Vegas trip continued.....

If you have ever been to Vegas and walked along the street you have experienced the guys who stand at the crosswalk and try to hand you cards or leaflets. They are very insistent and when you finally take one, you then realize that advertisements for naked girls are on them. The newest thing I've noticed is that on the other side of the card is what looks like a $5 or $10, so that when they fall to the ground or you toss them out of disgust, the next person that comes along sees money and will pick it up, not knowing what is on the other side.

This is one of the restaurants in Mandalay Bay....AUREOLE!

This is what is on the wall outside the restaurant! You don't know how many parents I saw taking pictures of their little boys holding the breasts on the bottom of this wall! CLASSY!

The cost of EVERYTHING in Vegas is super expensive. Even the shops are over the top. They have a new area called, City Center, that has Cartier and Tiffany in it. Really? Are regular people who go to Vegas really shopping at these places!?

In all the casinos now they have girls who dance on tables, very scantily clad. I didn't want to be too obvious, so I took this picture from very far away. It's kind of like a traffic accident. It's hard to take your eyes off of her.

On Saturday night we say THE LION KING.

I've seen pieces of this show on Oprah and have been wanting to see it forever.

We had a nice dinner and then went to the show. They didn't allow any pictures to be taken so these are all from the Internet. There is hardly any staging or sets. With the amazing colors, costumes, music and singing they only needed the bare minimum so that you knew where you were, like Pride Rock, or a little grass for the savanna, or a tree here or there. The most elaborate scene was when Simba was in the stampede and Mufasa saved him.

Pumbaa and Timon were so funny! The costumes were so cool!

This puppet is Zazu! Even though there are people behind, you really don't even notice them.

The child actors that played young Simba and young Nala were unbelievable!

The Cheetah's and the Giraffes were AMAZING! They moved so gracefully.

Rafiki was so funny and the actress was a great singer!

These are the pride lionesses. The one in the middle is Nala.

The elephant actually came down the aisle right beside us and walked onto the stage.

This is Scar (left) and Mufasa (right) facing off!

The gazelle dancers were fantastic!

The birds are being swung around on long poles. This is Pride Rock where the baby is presented to everyone. No matter what you have to pay....a DEFINITE MUST SEE!!!!!!!!

So, on Monday, this is how Richard enjoyed the pool.

By the end of the trip we had figured out the hotel and realized that we would make great vacation/travel writers. We created a great list of all the things we should have done, brought and what to know so you're experience is better. Maybe in our next life!

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Kris said...

Okay, I'm APPALLED that parents would have their little boys standing by the wall holding the breast statue. Oh my goodness.

I had heard that the whole "Vegas going family style" wasn't working, they were going back to what they were best known for....but honestly, scantly clad women on tables at the casinos. Oh my. I think I will be saving my travel dollars for somewhere else!