Wednesday, July 14, 2010


What an amazing trip! We are not gamblers, so 3 or 4 days are all we needed to have a really good time.

As we parked and left the car at the airport, Richard was complaining about how heavy my bag was and when we checked in we found out that mine was 42 pounds and his was 22. I think it's from all the shoes I took.

Nine pair for 4 days. Now ladies, you have to agree that 2 pair a day is nothing. You have to have options, right!? Richard took 1 pair and bought a pair of flip flops at the pool.

We arrived about 30 minutes later then we planned because they had to close the airport and make all the planes circle while AIR FORCE ONE took off.

When we checked in at the hotel we were told, "There are sensors on the mini bar so don't touch it unless you really want it."
This is as close as we dared to get. Notice the key on the left hand side.

Aren't you curious what "the love box" is?

Here is the view from our room on the 19th floor. We hung out at the pool in the lower right. There was a wave pool (top right), but it wasn't that exciting, but all the kids loved it. The other pool (lower left) was only for "spa quests" (spoken with a Mrs. Howell, from Gilligan's Island, accent) and you had to pay $700 A DAY, PER PERSON, to be able to use those areas! Are you kidding me!!??

Around the edges of all the pools are covered cabanas that rent for $250 - $1100, depending on the day! How about I just find a lounge chair by a tree for free!

The hotel was a little confusing and we didn't get the lay of the land until the second to the last day. We put in a lot of walking miles trying to figure it all out.

We didn't spend a lot of time in our room, but the shower was great and the bed was big! Very nice. What I thought was curious was that the bed didn't have fitted sheets. Have you ever noticed that? Why don't hotels use those? I would think it would make the chamber maids' jobs a lot easier.

Anyway moving on.....

That night we went to Frank Caliendo's show. We had really good seats, but since I'm short (I bet you didn't know that Frank Caliendo is extremely short.) part of a wall was blocking my view, so Richard asked the usher if they could move us. Wow! We were moved from good seats, to great seats! It never hurts to ask! He was VERY FUNNY!

The next day we spent ALL DAY at the pool!

People go down very early to save their lounge chairs with a towel and then leave and you can come back and forth as you wish and no one touches your stuff. It's very nice. We put out our towels and then had a breakfast buffet inside. NOTE: It was 110 degrees outside, but less than 60 degrees inside, so make sure you have a light jacket. I was freezing! Back out side at the pool, we read our books, swam and just sat in the sun. Aaaaaahhhhhhh! We got a couple drinks, but 2 margaritas cost $24.00! Ugghhh! So, if you plan on drinking a lot, bring plenty of cash.

Here is a view of the hotel from the pool!

There is a Starbucks on every corner and at least 2 in every casino. Having 2 Caramel Macchiatos every day was my splurge for the weekend!

I wish I could have posted to FACEBOOK all weekend, (but Richard's Ipod wouldn't let us access it) because there were so many funny things that we saw that I would have liked to have commented on:

* seeing BIG muscular guys at the pool with nipple rings
* all the interesting tattoos
* girls with "skunk hair" (blond and black mixed together)
* $28 for everything, even a bottle of water
* seeing people walk around with a HUGE drink (usually in the shape of a boot or a bong)
* seeing people smoke at the slot machines while they had an oxygen tank next to them
* seeing girls walk around in a bikini and these....

...or these....

...or these....

These just shout CLASSY, don't they!

I think the boobs were proportionally as big as these shoes were, high!


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Connie said...

I can't believe you didn't add a 10th pair of shoes to your luggage. I can see you in those black ones! I stayed at the Mandalay Bay once too. Beautiful rooms!