Friday, July 16, 2010



There, you were warned....moving on...

Last week I had a yeast infection (hadn't had one in over 5 years), normal I know, no big deal right...get some over the counter stuff....

...and in a few days gone...right?

Well, this was ABSOLUTELY THE WORSE ONE I HAVE EVER HAD! It started on Friday and by Saturday I was ready to kill myself. The pain on the outside was so bad I was in tears and could barely walk. This pain was ten times worse then my tattoo. I went on line to look for home remedies and found these ideas:

* try soaking a tampon in yogurt, and freezing it, then insert it, and let it thaw out
* douching with plain yogurt
* use a Q-tip and wipe infected area with hydrogen peroxide
* add a teaspoon of baking soda to 8 ounces of water and stir it up, then drink
* pour a half cup of vinegar and a half cup of salt into a luke warm bath (about waist high).
* Boric Acid powder inserted into the vagina will cure any yeast infection instantly
* get a squeeze bottle full of honey and take it to the bathroom. Pour a very liberal amount into hand. Spread over infected area and SATURATE!! Sit there for at least 5 minutes or as long as you can. Take a nice bath afterwards to clean up, but you will feel relief INSTANTLY!!
* to combat external itching, simply add a quarter of a cup of white vinegar to your bath water, and soak for 20 minutes. Use every bath until gone, usually 1-3 baths.
* soak a tea bag and and press on infected area for 10 minutes.

....I tried the honey, hydrogen peroxide and the tea bag....NOTHING WORKED!

.....then I called my sister, who is the "family doctor" (...really not, but she always has all the answers with what to do next medically...) and I went to urgent care.

I was the second one in line when they opened at 8 a.m.....(By the way, my husband is amazing. He went in late to work, so I didn't have to take the baby with me...thank you Honey.)...The doctor confirmed it was a yeast infection, but in his words, "a really bad one." He said to stop taking the Monistat and instead he gave me two little pills. One to take that day and one to take in four days time. He said the only thing I could take for the pain was ibuprofen. He also said going commando would help too.

Within an hour of taking the little pill and the ibuprofen I was MUCH BETTER! Fourth of July was ok, but I ended up calling the doctor back on Monday because although the ibuprofen helped with the pain, the symptoms were still there and I was still going commando. He said I could take the other pill that day and to give it until Wednesday and if the symptoms still were a problem I should come back in.

Did I mention I'm not a patient person, plus my period was due to start (I gave you a TMI warning, so stop giving me that look.....) and we would be leaving for Vegas on Friday. I woke up Tuesday with my period (I found out that it is common to get a yeast infection a few days before your period because of the hormonal changes....), but feeling better and finally able to stop going commando. Finally, I felt like I was on the mend.

So what was my point in all this: to post some home remedies, put my opinion out there that they are all a load of crap and to ask what works for you!?


Maru said...

The ONLY thing that works for me is Diflucan. One pill and GONE! I think creams just make it worse. Besides, I woudn't take something that takes 3 days when there's a pill that will work in just one day. I don't allow a day to go by trying OTC stuff. I go to the doctor at the first signs of infection and get a prescription for the magic bullet!

Kristi B said...

Geez Louise! That is so awful!! Glad doc had some good stuff to give you to get you back in working order ;-)

Connie said...

Yikes. I've never had anything like that...that couldn't be cured with Monistat. I didn't even know there was a pill for these things!