Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Bachelorette (week 8)

Ali Fedotowsky, 26, is going on hometown dates this week with four guys.


Roberto, 26, an insurance agent, gets the first hometown date in Tampa. Ali thinks he's hot in his baseball uniform. They seem very good together....DARN IT....the show was interrupted by a news bulletin....missed the meeting his family part! I don't think he's in the number one spot, anyway. For me he has moved to spot 3...Ali keeps him at the end of this'll be in Tahiti with her next week....moving on....

Chris L, 33, a landscaper, gets the second hometown date. They go to Cape Cod, Massachusetts. He's the one who lost his mom and Ali and he were the slowest to heat up. They had a great visit with his family, who he is very close with and now I think he actually has a good shot at this. His life seems the most normal. He's actually my number 2 choice now! Ali keeps him this week. So, we'll see if they get closer next week in Tahiti.

Kirk, 27, a sales consultant, gets hometown date number three. They are in Green Bay, Wisconsin. His parents are divorce and don't even talk, which makes Ali nervous. His father is rather odd. He has a taxidermy shop in his basement.......CRAP...interrupted again by a news the end of the show she BOOTS sad...for awhile he was in the top three for me! No Tahiti trip for Kirk.

Frank, 31, a retail manager, has the final hometown date in Chicago. He is very nervous about their relationship and is not confident in this process. Ali does keep him this week and he's my number one choice, but the previews still show them in TAHITI and Frank telling Ali, "We need to talk." I LOVE GEEKS, but I think he's going to blow it!!!

So of the 3 guys left she keeps: Chris, Frank and Roberto and sends home Kirk! My top three from the beginning made it this far. At this point, though, I would have booted Roberto. Having seen the previews, I think it will come down to Chris and Roberto in the end because although I love Frank, I think his lack of confidence scares Ali. If that is the case, I think Ali should take Chris.

Join me next Monday night, when they all go to Tahiti.

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Kristi B said...

Ali's visit w/Roberto's family was actually really great. They had a blast together playing baseball and a good time getting to know his family. He's got a pretty good shot. I think Ali is scared b/c he seems too good to be true.

I hated Chris until this week. His family was so great, and Ali really seemed to fit in perfectly! Kinda hoping she picks him now!

I don't have a lot to say about Frank b/c I think he's lame :-) Don't hate me!!