Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Ali Fedotowsky, 26, is the new bachelorette! This week they all flew to ICELAND.


The guys compete to win a one-on-one date by writing a love poem. Kasey mumbles so badly that no one has any idea what he is saying and the show has to add subtitles.

Kirk, 27, a sales consultant...wins the first one-on-one date. They are very cute together. They buy matching sweaters and bond over lobster and a story about Kirk being very sick because of mold. Ali feels even closer to him and they kiss. He gets a ROSE! KEEPER!

Then there is a group date with: Roberto, Chris L, Chris N, Craig, Ty and Frank. They ride horses and climb in a cave. Chris L. and Ty bond the most with her and Frank stays in the background. Then they go to a hot springs and Ali peals off her clothes to reveal a bikini and Roberto is the first to hop in with her. Ty is right there for everything she needs and Chris L. gets a kiss on his alone time. Frank gets a wake up call when Ali tells him that he's not reciprocating her attention. She gives the ROSE to .....

Ty, 31, is in medical sales. KEEPER for now!

Next, Justin gets his cast off and finds out he'll be on a two-on-one date with Kasey. Kasey has a very dramatic talk with Frank about how he got his tattoo, "to be someone, to be a man."

One their date they fly off in a helicopter to an active volcano and have alone time in a glacier cave. Ali tells Kasey that all he needs to do is be "normal." Kasey finally shows Ali his tattoo and it goes over like a led balloon. Ali gives....

Justin, 26, a "professional wrestler".....the ROSE and dumps.....

Kasey ("COTTON MOUTH"), who is left on the glacier as they fly off in a helicopter. I am so glad we are rid of him! Enjoy your tattoo! DUMPED!

Finally, we have the rose ceremony. Ali tells Chris Harrison that Kasey "fell in love with falling in love." Here is how it went Justin, Ty and Kirk are safe. The others who get ROSES are:

Frank, 31, a retail manager....I'm a sucker for a cute, geek! KEEPER! He has a talk with Ali before the ceremony and you can see the love in his eyes. They have a great connection.

Roberto, 26, an insurance agent, is a KEEPER!

Chris L, 33, is a landscaper. DUMP! I don't think he'll be there in the end.

Craig R, 27, is a lawyer. Yet again, another one that she kept, but that I would DUMP!

The other one besides Kasey to be DUMPED is....

Chris N, 29, an entrepreneur (unemployed). The only conversation he had with Ali was telling her he liked Mexican food.

So of the 7 guys left I would dump 4: Justin, Ty Chris L. and Craig (who I think will get booted off next week). The only ones in the running for me are Frank, Roberto and Kirk, as they have been since the very beginning.

Join me next Monday night, when they all go to TURKEY and we find out that one guy has a girlfriend!

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Jacksmom said...

I was really hoping she would send both Justin and Kasey home. Neither of them have it going for them.

Craig needs to go as well, and I was glad Chris was booted off. He just couldn't communicate with her at all despite her telling him what she needed.

For the final 4 I like Roberto, Frank, Ty and Kirk. We shall see. I think the final two will come down to Frank and Roberto. Who do you think the final two will be?