Thursday, June 24, 2010


Here we are waiting for swim lessons to begin. He gets very excited any time I mention the pool. You can't beat $25 for 8 lessons.

Samuel loves the water. This pool is much colder then the one that we are used to by our house and I have to walk in very slowly. Samuel clutches me pretty tightly until he gets used to it. If you look closely you can see the strap to my bathing suit is all twisted. That is because I spend half my time trying to keep Samuel from pulling it off. He grabs on to it any time I try to move him away from my body. Flashing the pool attendants would not be good.

This is one of the positions we learned. You start like so, encouraging them to kick and as they get more confident you move them farther away from your body. He laughs and giggles the entire time.

He's learning to kick and not hold on to me. We make everything a game. We pretend we're in a washing machine and spin around and around.

Samuel loves splashing and kicking.

This is the position he is least comfortable in, which the instructor said is the one you need to practice the most.

Daddy took pictures while we made funny faces. Samuel fell in love with a gray haired grandma that was watching from the side lines and spend a considerable amount of time waving at her. He is such a flirt.

He loves jumping in from the edge too. At this point it's not really jumping, it's more like falling and mommy catching.

Getting out is the worst part. He was very cold and cranky the first night because mom didn't go fast enough in the "wrapping up with towels and changing" process. I made sure to bring extra towels the second night and I'm getting quicker at the changing process, but those "swimmer" diapers are hard suckers to get off.


sarah7181 said...

In case you didn't know. The sides on those swim diapers are supposed to be torn. Makes it alot easier to get off. :) Glad he's enjoying the water

happymomof2 said...

Are they they disposable swim diapers? That is what we use and I just rip the sides when I am changing my son- so much easier and faster!
Looks like you are both enjoying the swim lessons:) Your blog is kind of like mine where I am not in most pictures because I am the one taking the picts. You got some great pictures of the two of you!

Ashley said...

Such cute pics!!!

Connie said...

What a special time. Good investment, Tracey!