Tuesday, August 18, 2009


If you follow my blog, you will remember my post about me being the champion in BUTT DARTS (or Pinche' for those with delicate sensibilities...) in Aruba. Well, the queen is no more! 

At our recent family gathering we had another match. The competitors were, my brother, Mark, my niece, Stephanie's, boyfriend, Brian, (...both pictured here, getting the field ready for play....) my nephew, Steven, my nephew, Zachery, my sister, Genie and myself.

My nephew, Peter, is "front loading," which is really not "regulation" play, but since he's a beginner, we allowed it. 

Here is my sister, Genie...look at that form...see the pointed toes.....

Zachery is trying the "butt-cram" method. His proud father (in the white hat) is looking on from the stands. As you can see, at his feet, this unconventional method didn't work.

My husband, Richard, blew them all out of the water, with 65 QUARTERS! The next closest competitor was, Brian, with 42 quarters. Here we are celebrating Richard's big win.

My brothers and sisters were so impressed they even presented him with a "GREEN SHIRT," (Similar to the GREEN COAT given to those who win the MASTERS in golf.)


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Kris said...

Too funny! Don't you love big families? We always come up with the most fun games to play!!!