Tuesday, August 18, 2009

TWO SENSE TUESDAYS #24...What's better for the kids?

Being a new mother I seem to get a lot of advice, which can be helpful, but is also very frustrating when it's from people who are insistent that their way is the BEST way. I also get advice (because I'm an adoptive mother) from those who think that my son is just a stand-in until I get "the real thing."

Each week I will post a new question. I'd love it if you'd play along and offer us new mothers your pearls of wisdom.


Will you watch the show about the Octomom, Nadya Suleman, on August 19th? She says, "they're here, I love them." Do think she should give them up for adoption?


Kris said...

I will NOT watch the train wreck that reality TV tends to thrive on. However, whether she should place them for adoption or not is not really my decision to make. Do I think that she's made some poor decisions? Um, YEAH! She's not right in the head..and clearly is looking for unconditional love that she may not (or may, I don't know) have experienced growing up. It's that whole "teenager having a baby to have someone who loves her unconditionally" thing...IMHO (okay, so not so humble!).

Anonymous said...

What Kris said.

After seeing what "reality" did to Jon and Kate - no thanks. I know she needs the money. I know the kids need their mom. I know that this seems like a brilliant solution, but ask Kate if she'd go back to eeking out an existence I'm sure she might.

Melba said...

I hate reality TV, even though that makes me an odd ball amongst other 30-somethings. I will definitely NOT be watching octomom's show. I do care about what happens to/with those babies for their sake, but I just don't have energy for her annoying drama at this point!!