Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The BIG BROTHER cast this year is loaded with people who don't realize they are playing a GAME! You have to vote off other people if you want to win the $500,000. Yes, even your friends have to be gone for YOU to win.

If you watched it tonight then you saw Chima implode and get kicked off the show. She was being a total @#$%! She was pouting, not wearing her mic, tossing a mic in the pool, covering cameras and not listening to the producers. What a total baby! She had no problem when the other house guests were put up on the block, but the minute she or her friends were put up, all of a sudden it wasn't fair anymore and they were being picked on. She deserved to go!

Then you saw Lydia have a drunken meltdown too. She was screaming, swearing, jumping up and down and name calling like a five year old. Grow up!

Russell can be a loose cannon, but he's very strong and overall a nice guy.

Michelle is smart, doesn't really fit in, but can hold her own.

Natalie is a very strong player and Jordan was smart to put her on the block too.

Kevin was crying like a baby tonight and needs to "grow a pair."

Jordan is the HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD this week and put Lydia and Natalie on the block. She isn't that strong of a player, but she's very sweet and Jeff will pull her along as long as he can.

I hope in the end it's Jeff against Russell! I hope Jeff wins though. He's nice, plays strategically and is a very strong player!

My final thought....



RB said...

I am obsessed with BB, and have been since Season 1 :) I hope Jeff wins it. I am a teeny tiny crush on the guy :)

RB said...

That's supposed to be have a crush, not am a crush! :) That is what I get for making comments at 6 am!

Mountain Girl said...

I think Natalie, Lydia (Chima, of course), and Kevin have all been spoil sports! I wouldn't call Natalie a strong player except when she grabs onto someone's coat tails and holds on. NONE of those three deserve to win - they are big babies and have terrible sportmanship. Chima was all upset because she lost her HOH "power", but it is a GAME and the producers can change things up in whatever way they want and I'm glad they did so the game is not predictable. I hope Jeff wins too, but anyone will be better than the cry babies - Kevin, Lydia and Natalie!