Friday, June 19, 2009

PLAY DAY....part 1

Today was PLAY DAY at our school! There are so many great pictures to share...I'm posting this for my kids to see on bear with me....


First we went on a big slide. I only had 8 students today....most had too many discipline slips to attend this event. They really missed out!

Time to beat up the boys. I had only 2 boys today and the girls let the boys know they were in control.

I love it when they all get along.

This is the tallest girl and the shortest girl!! So Cute!

Next, they played the SOGGY SPONGE RELAY! It was a gorgeous day, 86 degrees.

They had to hold it between their knees and see who could get back to their team first.

We took a break and ate some watermelon! 

Then we played HULA-HOOP games. After I took this picture I told them I now had evidence of them holding hands with boys.

HULA-HOOPS will never go out of style.

Even us OLD LADIES still remember how to do it.

I like the dry games!

Isn't she just so darn cute!

Here are our two fearless leaders, who organize the entire event!

We couldn't get the megaphone away from her!

See...we were standing right next to her and she was still using it! 

Note...the teacher in the background who is fairly dry...right now...wait till you see her later!

Then we played BOTTLE FILL RELAY! They had to run back and forth to a bucket in the middle with small cups....and... back to their partner and be the first to fill the jug to the top! 

At the end they get a little crazy and splashed each other.


This is the funniest thing to watch!

Aaawww....isn't she just so cute....AND VERY WET!

TUG-OF-WAR was next!

This team lost....because....

....their wingman let go!

Come back tomorrow for part 2!

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