Friday, June 19, 2009


Back in May of 2008 I posted this about our trip to Aruba.

This was the view from the balcony of our room. It was an amazing trip.

We were pre-Samuel and we loved to travel...and play games...especially...BUTT DARTS!

I recently found this picture on my sister's FACEBOOK page of my AMAZING WIN! YES, I WAS THE CHAMPION OF BUTT DARTS. What? You've never heard of BUTT DARTS!?! You haven't lived until you've tried this.

You need a large cup (see blue cup on floor) and a lot of quarters. You place said quarters between your butt cheeks and squeeze to hold them you can see you stay fully clothed...and then you waddle over to the cup and squat...dropping the quarters in the cup...IF YOU CAN! It takes very careful aim and strong muscle control. Believe it or not I was totally sober (this time) too! I was the only one that night that succeeded in dropping the (10) quarters in the cup. If others succeed you have to continue to increase the amount of quarters until there is only one person left standing. I'm proud to say my brother, Mark, is the all time champion with a record of 56 quarters.

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