Friday, June 5, 2009


I recently found ONE STEP AHEAD and I love their stuff.

I've had a problem with Samuel growing out of his outfits. The top fits him fine, but he's in the 95% for length and the outfits aren't long enough, but now I can make them last longer. I found these garment extenders (10 pack) for $10.95. 

I also bought this puzzle mat for $29.95. I'm planning on making this the rug in his bedroom when he's a little older.

There are so many neat things in this magazine. I also love the following: 

... the Superior Swim Trainer for $19.95...

...the Micro Loader & Trailer with Helmet for $69.95. I think we'll ask Santa to bring this to him in a couple years.

... the My Responsibility Chart Wall Hanging for $29.95. The teacher in me loves this and...

...the My First Daily Planner Wall Hanging for $39.95. 

I also love the Handwriting Instruction Guide for $24.95, especially since I think Samuel is going to be left handed. I think I'll be able to find something like this at the dollar store though. Some of the things are expensive, but it gives me lots of ideas. 


Rebekah said...

You give us the best tips!! :) I've never seen extenders for bodysuits before - I'll definitely keep that in mind! AND I may not be a teacher, but the nazi-organizer in me LOVES those charts!!!

My Goodness said...

I've not seen those extenders either, awesome find!!

And I really like the responsibility chart!! :)