Monday, May 25, 2009


Sunday is bath night at our house. Usually Richard isn't home early enough for this, but today he was off so we finally have some pictures of "BUDDA BABY."

Richard strategically placed the soap bottle so that Samuel will not be embarrassed by these in the future. Yah, right! These are coming out at his wedding!

He loves the bath water, but being that it's so slippery, sitting up is still a problem.

Is that an adoring look or what!

This boy giggles at just about everything.

I think I may enlarge this one!


Becky said...

They are all precious pictures! I love the one where he is looking at you!
We would fold a bath towel and put in the bottom of the sink. Makes it more cushy for them and helps with the slipping!

Lana said...

Awww Tracey, Samuel is growing so beautifully

Melba said...

Very precious...hard for me to believe how big he's getting!


BB said...

I love the soap bottle! So funny! That cute boy sure does love his mommy!

Anonymous said...

We call our little one Burrito Baby (when she's swaddled ;-)

Cindy said...

our sons are the same age, Kamden was born dec 15!