Friday, April 24, 2009

Update on my life!

This year is just speading by! I can't believe Samuel is almost 5 months old. He's holding his head up, tracking objects, knows Mom and Dad's voices and faces. He makes my heart melt when he giggles and he loves being naked. I'm not sure if this last tidbit is a good thing or not. He grasps things and has discovered his ears recently. He's loving oatmeal and I'm loving that he sleeps through the night. We have a nice schedule going now. We're having a Blessing Ceremony this Sunday at "K's" church and then on May 6th he "officially" becomes ours.

Richard and I are doing well, considering the economy. We never had to touch the $4000 I saved for my maternity leave. Remember the goals list, where I said I wanted to save $10,000 this year. We're half way there and it's only April. We'll also be getting more money back once the tax man sends in the amendments to claim Samuel for 2008. Car sales are a little more difficult these days, but Richard is busting his butt. He's been working a lot of 12 hour days. He needs to relax a little. We don't see much of each other these days because I go to bed at 9 p.m. and I'm out of the house by 6 a.m. I like summer because I see more of him by staying up later and some mornings he doesn't have to leave for work until 10 a.m.

School is going well too. I'm finally back into the routine and standardized testing is over. We have 2 months left (It's a year round school.). We have fieldtrips, fun activities and more growing to do, to get ready for middle school. The kids are very interested in the HUMAN DEVELOPMENT UNIT that is coming up. A former student of mine, who is now a senior in high school (Boy, do I feel old.), is going to be interning in my classroom for the next month. It will be wonderful to have her help.

Family is doing great too. Everyone is healthy and all of my 7 siblings will be here in August for my niece's wedding. The last time we were all together was 14 years ago for my parents 50 wedding anniversary. My brother, Mark, just moved to California and is in the process of building a house and my brother, John's, son, Zachery is graduating high school this year. Mom and Dad are healthy too. I can't wait to start going to yard sales with my mother again. It should be interesting taking Samuel along.

Anyway, my life is going along very well. Samuel is wonderful, we have our health, home and jobs and I am enjoying the gorgeous weather. I may even try to tackle my overflowing sewing room this weekend.

God is so good!

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