Friday, April 24, 2009

FAVORITE THINGS FRIDAY #19...Yard sale find!

I got this last summer at a yard sale, long before Samuel was due and right now it is his favorite toy. It only cost me $2.00 and it came with all the toys you see. Yard sales can really save you a lot of money, especially if your looking for things for children. In the spring and summer, my mom and I try to go at least twice a month. We'll see how it goes with Samuel tagging along this year.

Advice to those having a yard sale: Please, don't advertise as "HUGE SALE," when you only have one card table of stuff, because I won't even stop. 

Your turn...What is your best yard sale find?


Becky said...

I don't get to go shop them often however, I just had one and made
$750! What a blessing! My was a HUGE sale with 6 very large, long tables full of things, and blankets spread all over the yard full of things.
I need to go shop some soon for things for the baby. We need baby toys and 6-12 month clothes!

Debbie B said...

Check this link out found it today. It's based from Craigsist.

My best find was at a huge children's consignment sale. I got one of those large animal rocking horses. It's an elephant actually and they sell for at least $80 and I got it for $10.
Great find!!