Saturday, April 25, 2009


Remember this picture of my sewing room....well.... now looks like this, which isn't very impressive until you see....

....all the stuff that was in there, but is now in my garage ready for my yard sale.

I still haven't been able to sell this baby swing, which is under the green blanket in the last picture. I bet that will be snatched up right away.

I spent about an hour of Samuel's morning nap pulling stuff out of the sewing room. I'm sure I'll find more stuff too, once I go through my closet, some craft boxes and kitchen cupboards. I also have two bags of baby stuff to take to the second hand store. Now I want to get some matching containers to store all my craft supplies in. From now on, I'm only going to allow myself to keep out one project's worth of stuff at a time. I feel pretty good about the progress I made, though.

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