Friday, April 3, 2009


My most favorite spice to flavor food with is GARLIC! I put it in almost everything: spaghetti, chicken casserole, lasagna, mixed vegetables, salad, beans, turkey burgers, eggs etc. Good thing my husband likes it too!

Your turn...what is the one spice or flavor you couldn't live without?


M/J Granata said...


Hey! I love garlic, too! It is especially yummy in boiled crawfish! You would love it. You boil the entire clove with the crawfish. It soaks up all of the seasoning and tastes so yummy!!!! It is even better if you put it on a cracker with a little bit of butter (after it is boiled, of course)!!!!

I could not live without my Tony Chachere's seasoning. It is creole seasoning and I put it in everything! It is a cajun favorite down south, especially here in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Do you like spicy food??? If you want to try some, let me know, I would love to mail you some to taste. You can use it in all foods- veggies, meats, pastas, salads, even popcorn!!!

I bet you would love it. Email me if you want to try some!

I love to share some cajun when I can!!!!! :)))

Melba said...

It's garlic all the way for me too! My husband likes it, but sometimes he does joke that there ARE other spices out there I could use. :)

Although I don't use it very much, I do love the smell of fresh cilantro. I made some homemade salsa not too long ago and it smelled heavenly!


Headless Mom said...

Tip: If you love garlic next time you need a jar go to Costco, in the spice aisle, and get the giant one. It will keep in the fridge forever, doesn't go bad, you can add it to everything, and is way more economical. I think about $3.80 when the smaller ones are a dollar or two, and you have to replace them more often.

Anonymous said...

I like the pre-miced garlic too...I started that last year because it was such a time saver! Anyway favorite spice? Cilantro, but it doesn't have a long shelf life. Second fave? Fresh basil!!! It's getting to be herb garden season, WA HOO!

Future Mama said...

Ok funny story... You know how I hate to cook right? Well I had no idea what a garlic clove was and I needed two to make strombili. Well, I went out and bought two garlic head things and started cutting them, then I saw they had little pieces inside... Then I just called my mother-in-law and asked her what the heck garlic cloves were and that I needed it to be minced... She helped me out, but I ended up chopping it all up.

If only you had posted this a week ago! hahaha!!!