Thursday, April 2, 2009

We're having our egg hunt now?

What are these children doing? Skiing with plastic bags in their hands!?! HMMMM?

This is another fun time brought to you by my friend, Mike, in New Hampshire.

I looked a little closer at the bag in his daughters that colored, plastic eggs?

YUP! You never know when the weather might change and Easter may not be this nice, so let's have our Easter egg hunt, in the snow, a few weeks early....and a fun time was had by all!


M/J Granata said...

Tracey... I would love this! If Mike sees it, he will be so jealous! We love the snow and skiing! Wow, that looks like so much fun! Lucky little kiddos, I must say!

Lana said...

I am planning a Easter egg hunt at my home, since we don't have snow my sister and I plan to hide the chocolate eggs all over the house and then let my niece nephew cousin and a few neighbours loose trying to find them