Friday, March 27, 2009


We got our post-placement paperwork in the mail yesterday, with a copy of the letter the agency sent to the court saying that they feel we are the best family for Samuel. We are finally in the home stretch! Our lawyer says we should have a court date by the end of April! WAHOO!

We also got a call from our CW saying that "K's" insurance covered most of her hospital stay, except for $1668.00. We knew we'd have to cover any medical bills that her insurance didn't, so we took it on the chin and wrote the check.

Then a day later when our lawyer was looking through all the paperwork, he suggested we ask the agency why the $1668.00 couldn't come out of the birthmother expense fee, which we had already paid. I don't know if I've told you, but "K" lives with her parents, in our city and her insurance covered most of her bills, so she didn't have any birthmother fees, even though we paid $4800 to the agency to cover anything that might come up (The rest is put in a pool for those who need help with their fees and we're ok with that.). So, I called them and sure enough, since "K" didn't have fees, they are shredding our check for $1668.00. Yippee! Having a lawyer is so cool! God is so good!


Lana said...

Wow Tracey!! that's great news all around. Your CW's blessing is huge points on your behalf and then saving that money. Excellent!!!! Not much longer till April. You will be 'official' very soon

KLTTX said...

Just found your blog from Mel's blog roll. We also have a Samuel. He is 7 months old now. Your little guy is CUTE!

Good news on the bm expenses!

Annie said...

Yay! I'm glad having a lawyer is working out for you! I am so glad that you're getting a court date! I just plain excited for you. And if I haven't mentioned lately, that boy of yours, darn cute!

Melba said...

That's great news, on both counts!! So happy that things are moving along and I can't wait until you have your court date!!


Debbie B said...

That's great about the hospital bill being covered already.

Congratz on the hopeful court date next month.