Wednesday, February 4, 2009


My sister and mother have each said that now that we've adopted we'll get pregnant. My reply to them is, "There has to be something more then sleeping going on in our bed for that to happen."  The baby just doesn't sleep enough for be happening, so sleep deprivation has made that a lower priority. We'll probably need to get the dog off the bed too. He does have a kennel, but we've just been allowing him to sleep on the bed with us. I know, not a good idea. We're going to change this! My husband's work schedule also gets in the way. Many times, he's just getting home and since I get up at 5 A.M., I head off to bed early. I do enjoy it, but how do you find the energy and time? There has to be a way to find a balance....right!?!

Sheila Wray Gregoire has written a book called, "Honey, I Don't Have a Headache Tonight," that has some wonderful advice related to sex and these issues:

* How change in the sexual relationship requires change elsewhere.
* Why sex for women is often a "head thing."
* How television is the biggest enemy to intimacy.
* Why forgiveness and letting go of the need to be right is so important.
* How self-image issues and past hurts can throw intimacy into a tailspin.
* The repercussions of everyday energy zappers.
* The threats to Godly sexuality.
* The roadblocks of respect.
* The cultural attacks on gender.

Sheila is having a scavenger hunt. You'll need to go to five blogs, on her tour, and collect the five secret words. My blog is the last stop and THE SECRET WORD FROM ME IS "COOKERS." If you don't have all the words yet, go over to Mrs. Juice Box, which is the first stop on the tour. Once you have all five words, go here and enter the message and your email.

Sheila says the winner will get "a free audio download of my 45 minute talk on the subject, aptly titled Honey, I Don't Have a Headache Tonight! It's hilarious, real, and we leave nothing out! And I'll also mail the winner a copy of my book Reality Check, a collection of 85 of my favorite syndicated columns!"

One winner will be drawn and announced on Sheila's blog, To Love Honor and Vacuum, at 10:00 p.m. GOOD LUCK!


Kris said...

Understand completely...being up every hour (or darn near close) all night long...all week Actually, both of us!

You have to schedule everything--time to hear about each other's day, time to "feed the ducks". There's a funny story in "Red Hot Monogomy" about a couple who had his sister watch the kids so they could have some alone time. She assumed it was for s.e.x. When they went to pick up the kids, she asked "how it was" with a twinkle in her eye. When the wife said, we just fed the ducks, she thought that was "their private phrase" for s.e.x. When, they actually DID just feed the ducks and talk since there never was time for it. So, that's our joke...would you like to feed the ducks tonight? lol.

BTW--That's a great book too, to help bring romance into a marriage when there are so many distractions. Lots of ideas from weekend getaway to romantic notes, etc. It's by the Farrels. Also an easy, quick read.

TXMom2B said...

Don't I know it. My cycles oddly regulated themselves for the first three months we had our son home, but there was no way to make the most of it. To be honest, the idea of morning sickness while caring for our newborn wasn't appealing, much as I used to want pregnancy, and as much as I will want it soon enough. Anyway, you're not the only one who just can't find the time or energy! At least we have our baby in his crib now and sleeping longer so all we need now is more energy and we'll be back on track:-)

Bird, Frizzy and Our Little Yaya said...

In addition to this, I wasn't willing to share my body with anyone after all of our attempts at IVF. I wanted to have my body for myself again since I felt it had belonged to the Dr.s and nurses and everyone else while trying to get pregnant. Plus, it was a mind game for me. I didn't want to have sex and get my hopes up for a surprise baby after adopting. Heck! I still get my hopes up even though I know getting pregnant for me is impossible! Thanks for this post.

Trace said...

People love to say that and I hate it! Because, it takes all my will power to say um, you need swimmers to do that and if by some miracle it happened my health would be at risk. Grrr, ha ha, resentful at peoples thoughtlessness? As for personal time we still don't have kids, but the fact that I know there is NO possibility is a deterrant.