Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More fashion tips!

So, many of you said you were happy I passed on the newest fashion trends coming soon, that I wanted to pass on a few more.

The first one is for those that are really into "causes." Now it's "in" to advertise for them all at once. Plus you can hide any stains or holes on your clothes.

This next one is actually for those who are attracted to the Cyclops. It's kind of like living in Alaska, where there are tons more men then women. Well, the cyclops population has been dying off because they can't find suitable mates. Now they've found a way to change that.

Finally, for women who want to be "stylin" and not have to leave their cocoons at home. This head-ware allows you to take your cocoon anywhere and still be fashionable. Also, you may notice the eye make-up. This is a way to reflect the sun and not have to cover your eyes with those annoying sun-glasses.

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