Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Baby Wearing

First, ignore the adult face with no makeup....and see my pretty purple door to my house! I love it! Now, on to Samuel....Samuel was so small when he was born that he was swallowed up by the slings I have, so I've waited until now to use them. You can just see his hand poking out of the bag. He's fast asleep inside. He doesn't like being in the sling when he's awake. I have three different slings...one is already too small for him. I think I'll have a give away soon and make one lucky mommy the gift of the one I can' t use anymore. Anyone interested in that?


Michele said...

Love that purple door! It's my favorite color!
I loved baby wearing. I wore Kaden alot (I was not aware of it with Justin). I never used a sling, but loved, loved, loved my Ergo carrier. It went from infant to 40lbs.

Jill said...

Ooooh, a giveaway! Count me in!!!
Is he really to big for one of them ALREADY???
Love the purple door BTW...my favorite color!!

Amy said...

Pretty door, pretty mommy, and precious baby fingers. *sigh*

L L said...

Love the door...but the best is mom and baby!