Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Bachelor...episode #3

Jason is kissing lots of girls, but he's still keeping some that I would have got rid of.

The following girls were sent home last night:


Natalie got a very romantic one-on-one date, with lots of diamonds, but she was also sent home. She was mad that he picked up the rose and then said he couldn't give it to her.

The following girls are left:
Shannon was so nervous at the rose ceremony that she left the room and got sick in the bathrom.

Stephanie got the first one-on-one date. They took a walk on the beach and Jason surprised her, by having her daughter there. When Stephanie saw her daughter she cried and ran to her. It was so fake, however. She even fell on the ground like Jason had, last season, when he saw his son.

Molly is one that I like.
Lauren is one that I like.


Megan is the one that all the girls hate.


Nikki is my least favorite of the ones who are left. She seems very stiff, can't carry on a conversation and is a perfectionist.

Good luck, Jason. I hope this show ends with more then just a "will you date me" and lasts for more then just a few months, especially since there are children involved. I'm not sure any of these ladies are here for the right reasons.


Ashley said...

Ug. This season so far is super weird for me. I like Jillian and Molly. I about died that he kept Shannon. She's a weirdo stalker and she would have been gone in the beginning if it were up to me. I actually think Stephanie has a good heart but I can't get over the bad plastic surgery. When they kissed, I about gagged. Megan is a train wreck and I can't imagine her being a good mommy to Ty or a good spouse to Jason either. Weird. I can't wait for the episode where Deanne comes back!!

happymomof2 said...

I am so thankful for your Bachelor posts!!! My dvr didn't record the last 30 minutes of the show so I missed the entire rose ceremony! UGH! But now I know what happened. I too am surprised that Shannon is till around- STALKED and just plain weird! There is another chick that I am suprised made it through last night just because there whole conversation seemed forced etc... I am definately looking forward to the next episode as well as the one where Deanna comes back. I just hope that this is Jason's happy ending. Thanks again for the update:)