Friday, January 2, 2009

Grilling Goodness #4

Every week GOLDEN GOODNESS posts 8 questions. Here are my answers to this week's questions.

1. If you could have done something different in 2008, what would it be? I had a great year, anticipating the birth of my son. I think I should have bought less "stuff" for him. We got so much as gifts.

2. What is something that you know will happen in 2009? Samuel will "officially" become out son!

3. What is something that you hope will happen in 2009? We can save $10,000!

4. Do you already have a vacation planned for this year? Not planned yet, but we hope to go to California with Samuel to visit family.

5. Are you relieved that the holidays are over? Yes and No! No, because I love the holidays and this Christmas was even more special because of Samuel. Yes, because I like a normal routine and all the decorations make me a little batty!

6. Did you make a resolution? Will you share it? I don't make resolutions. I make goals. See my post here.

7. How old will you turn in 2009? I will be 41 years old. I tell everyone I'll be 45 and that way by the time I reach 45, it doesn't bother me.

8. What did you do to celebrate the New Year? Not really a holiday we celebrate. Having a new baby, makes sleeping a celebration.



Headless Mom said...

Depending on where you go in CA, I'd love to meet for lunch if you have time!

Mama Smurf said...

New Years Resolutions are highly over-rated!

Happy and healthy New Year to you and your family!

Amy said...

You have had a very blessed year!:)
And even though our baby is '13', sleeping is still sometimes considered a celebration! LOL!:)

I would love to be able to save $10,000.00 too; let me know how you plan to do that...I'm very interested.

Happy New Year, Tracey!
God Bless,

My Goodness said...

Yay!! Congratulations on becoming a Mommy!! 2008 WAS a great year for you!!

3. Amy asked, so I will too...please share your plan!

6. Me too!!

7. That's just funny!!

Thanks for playing Tracey!