Friday, January 2, 2009

Goals not Resolutions

About 10 years ago, after my divorce, I lived with my brother, Mark and sister-in-law, Connie, for about 6 months. During this time, my brother made me see that I deserved a great guy. They showed me what a great relationship should be like and I saw what true love and respect looked like too. I feel I now have this with Richard.

I also learned from them to make goals not resolutions. Have you ever noticed that 2 days after the new year has begun, you break all the resolutions you made, feel horrible and start thinking about the resolutions you'll make next year. Well, because of Mark and Connie, I now make goals for the year, not resolutions. I try to make about 10 goals. The more specific you can be the better. I don't necessarily accomplish all of them, but I do most of them and if I don't get anything done the first month, I still have 11 more to work on them and I don't have to feel bad. I include on my goals list things I want to happen, as well as things I know will happen. I'll reach for all of these, but celebrate even a partial accomplishments.

My Goals for this year are:

1. Save $10,000

2. Get Sam to sleep through the night

3. Take a trip to California to visit family

4. Read 12 books

5. Cook 4 meals a week

6. Read a devotional 20 minutes a day

7. Have 1 date night a month

8. Go on a ride-along with a police officer

9. Redo writing curriculum

10. Find or form a play group for Samuel


Becky said...

I agree...I do not make resolutions either! Just goals, things that seem tangible and don't sound as 'flipant' as saying 'resolution'.

Michele said...

No Resolutions here either. I stopped that about 5 years ago. I do the same as you set goals for the year. When I made resolutions, I just set myself up for failure!

cnmschlaef said...

Hey, we're pretty flattered!


Mark and Connie

Raven said...

I do make resolutions every year, but I find myself referring to them as goals as the year goes on. It doesn't matter what you call them so long as you commit and put forth the effort to make things happen!

Sheila said...


I totally agree with you on the goals not resolutions thing.

I also think it's more important to be heading in the right direction than to actually stick to a resolution. As long as we're moving towards God, we're going to be okay. As long as we're slowly making progress and running the race, we're on the right track.

We may not accomplish everything we want this year, but we can move towards it. And moving is the important thing!

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