Monday, January 19, 2009

Cookout Time? Only in New Hampshire!

My friend, Mike, sent these photos of what he did over the weekend. He says, "We made our way up to Bog Pond today for our first cook-out of the season. It was a great day! It had started snowing early this morning and continued throughout most of the day. We got to Bog around 11:30am or so and started scouting around for firewood. We had a great time roasting hot dogs and around the fire. It was a great "first trip of the season", and we all look forward to many more in the next couple of months."

Doesn't this photo make you think of cookouts too. I wonder when they'll pull out their sunblock and bikinis?

Here is Mike starting the fire. I think he needs to be on the "Survivor Man" show. With all those layers on, I hope he doesn't have to pee any time soon. Wait, maybe that could help start this fire.

So, toasty warm! Let's pull up a snow bank and watch the frost bite creep up each others legs. Ohhh, fun times!



Patrick Gilman said...

Just think of these pictures the next time you think you feel "cold". You have to admit the mountains are beautiful when they are snow covered. -Plastic

Anonymous said...

Ha, Ha, Very Funny! 20 years ago you would have up there too, roasting a weenie with great friends around the fire and thinking: "What a great place I live, I couldn't imagine living anywhere else!" I think all of that "sunshine" has cooked your brain!
I think we should hold our next reunion in February, at Elbow Pond(You remember that place don't ya?), so be sure to pack your snow-machine for that one!!