Thursday, November 20, 2008

POST 4 - A walk down Memory Lane: Miscellaneous Musing on Glencoe


Park Avenue facing east...though many of the businesses are different, the architecture is the same. I was surprised to see so many dry cleaners on this street and in downtown Glencoe. Don't any of these people own washing machines?


Andy's Barber Shop...I don't remember the shop, but this is where Dad took me for my first hair cut. The barber asked, "How would you like your hair cut?" I'm told my reply was, "I want mine just like Dad's...with the hole in the top?!?"


No vacation is complete, with a trip to see the water. If you lived in the desert, like we do, you would understand. Though it was a crummy day, water is still water. Also of note, this is the spot of Cameron's famous meltdown, in "Ferris Bueller's Day Off."

I may have done a lot of "crummy" things as a child, but totaling my father's Ferrari wasn't one of them!


Our second home. To Tracey's disappointment, this one didn't include a room for, Marie Seroke, the "summer girl!" Good bye, Marie, we'll miss you!

Family Members: E-Mail me if you there are any pictures that you would like a copy of. Example: Richard, send me picture 3 from post 1.

Love Richard

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Amy said...

I loved the hair cut request. LOL!:) Very funny!:)