Thursday, November 20, 2008

POST 3 - A walk down Memory Lane: Ring...Ring...School's in session

This is the front of North School. Mom and Dad had many parent teacher conferences and Mom worked in the library.


After an entire day of trying to teach myself how to ride a bicycle, my dad came home from work and took me here to the back of what was North School, now a community center. Within three minutes he had me balancing, riding in a circle and stopping without banging into anything. Of course, at the time, there weren't any parked cars in the way.

New Trier West High School where Dan spent four years, but I was only here for Freshman year. Another parking lot of note, where Mom taught me how to drive a car. No training wheels were required this time, though the lot was quite empty and not quite as wet. Unlike the previous lot experience with Dad, Mom encouraged me to drive her Cavalier home, unfortunately, I cut someone off on the way and made them none too happy!!!

New Trier East High School where I spend my last three years. I was taking Karate at the time and had to finally stand up to a bully, by denting a row of lockers in the process.

Family Members: E-Mail me if you there are any pictures that you would like a copy of. Example: Richard, send me picture 3 from post 1.

Love Richard

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