Friday, September 12, 2008

MAKING CHILDREN MIND...Chapter #10, #11 and #12

Welcome back to our discussion of the book, MAKING CHILDREN MIND WITHOUT LOSING YOURS by Dr. Kevin Leman. I would love to read all your thoughts, opinions and comments. My comments will be in green.

Now let's move on to...Part 2: Using Reality Discipline in the Everyday Hassles

The second section of the book includes: Chapter 10: How to Act When They Act Up, Chapter 11: The Daily Battle and Chapter 12: Winning Ways

"...what works with one child may not necessarily be the answer for another. Reality discipline is more of an art than a does get results when used sensitively and creatively, with an awareness of your child's uniqueness."

Dr. Leman arranges subjects alphabetically from anger, attention seeking and fighting to homework, lying, nagging and potty training. This book is a great resource because it grows with your child and does not try to be the end all and be all. I really recommend you get this book and keep it as a resource to use as your children grow.


Kim said...

I so agree that discipline is more of an art than a science!

I often have to "feel my way" and use lots of intuition to find what is going to unlock a tough kid. So often it is consistency COMBINED with a lot of love, understanding and willingness to think outside of the box.

Video Promotions said...

I like Dr. Kevin Leman too. I met him when helping him produce his video series "Value Packed Parenting."

Since then, I've supported his efforts to make parenting easier by devoting a blog to his video series.
Watch a short clip from Making Children Mind without Losing Yours

I think his latest book release "How to Have a New Kid by Friday" is good too.