Friday, September 12, 2008


Welcome back to our final discussion of the book, MAKING CHILDREN MIND WITHOUT LOSING YOURS by Dr. Kevin Leman. I would love to read all your thoughts, opinions and comments. My comments are in green.

Now let's move on to...The Final Word

"You do make a difference. You don't have to be perfect. There will be many times when you will feel frustrated and baffled. There will be times when your children or your spouse will send you on a guilt trip or running for cover to hide your embarrassment. In those moments you never give up. Discipline is how you live your life. If you're a good parent, you'll end up with a great kid."

I think some parents think that they aren't important, especially non-involved ones. They think that because the child has one parent, they don't have to be there too. It let's them off the hook and they can go back to living their lives, not responsible for anyone else. Of course this is not the case and is in fact a "cop out." 

If a child sees us admitting our mistakes and continuing to try and never giving up on them, then they won't give up either. Be your child's greatest advocate and strongest leader. Allow them to fail and grow and learn and know you still love them for "who they really are," not who you want them to be and you will end up with a child that is a success and is proud of you as a parent, besides. There is plenty of time for you to be friends with your child when they are adults. What they need now is a leader, teacher and a coach, on how to live life to it's fullest. 

Step up and take the challenge...BE A PARENT! "The hardest job, you'll ever love."


Christy said...

Thanks for doing this book review/discussion. My little man is at the age where it is becoming important to implement a lot of this. I might just go buy the book!

Amy said...