Monday, August 3, 2015

Classroom Set-Up part 2

I worked another 6 hours today and here is what we have. This is facing the promethean board and my desk, opposite are the computers.
This is on the other side of the promethean board.
This is looking toward the door and the computer area.
A great look of most of the room.
Here is where I pin up homework, class jobs and the Super Improvers Board.
I use the door that connects to the next classroom as our word wall. The yellow bookshelf is our class library.
This is the supply area.
 Here is the back corner where we have reading groups.
My desk area is off limits to the kids.
I will be doing WHOLE BRAIN TEACHING this year. Here are the class rules.
Are you sick of having kids ask you, "What does my grade mean?" So am I, so I made this poster. I found the idea on Pinterest. LOVE IT!
The kids are in groups of five.
Each child starts with a water bottle, an agenda, a take home folder, a bag of YOUR A SMART COOKIE as a treat, a NO HOMEWORK SLIP and a magnet that has my contract information on it, for the parents.
This is the literacy area.
Here is the prompt on the front of one of them.
On the first day of school we will use this to write the class mission statement.
I moved all the computers under the windows to save room.
I also love this poster. I can't wait to use it.
Here are the math anchor charts that I hand all together on a shower curtain rod to save space.
Math Matters is a great way to help kids solve word problems.
These are their portfolios for assessments and data.
They use these sentence starters to help them talk to each other in groups.
I like these anchor charts to help them show evidence of their answers and to remind them how to CLOSE READ.
My desk area ready to go! Let the school year begin!

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Connie said...

Your classroom looks amazing, Tracey. A great place for kids to feel comfortable and focused.