Wednesday, October 8, 2014


I was deemed MINIMALLY EFFECTIVE for last school year, so I have been put on a 90 day performance growth plan. I was fine on my observations, but I was marked low because of attendance (I was out 14 days...many of these were because of my adoption.) and STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT...basically how my kids performed on the SBA at the end of the year. It says I will receive "guided support" in Student Achievement. The advice given is, "Review current students' test scores in AIMS." Ok I have done what? This and "don't give students candy so they will develop wanting to participate intrinsically," are the only two pieces of advice (guided support) that I have been given in 2 years. That should fix everything!

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MtnGirl said...

That is just totally stupid!!!! I am sure you are a WAY better teacher than their "evaluation" indicates!